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easy vending, easy picking


An RFID reader built into our machines provides tag recognition as the operator loads products. Tag matching can be done remotely; during loading, a robotic arm will bring the objects to the correct position automatically. An intelligent control system identifies the thickness of products so as to optimize space in the internal warehouse.


Library is a robotic warehouse suitable for both sale and rental. The tray dispensing system moves in three axes and works in both directions: to and from the pickup area-this way items can be picked up and returned. This feature is particularly suitable for books, tools or personal protective equipment, but can be useful for any product that falls within the tray size: 240 x 300 mm. Return can be set up using loyalty cards or qr codes. If not set, the machine will simply function as an automatic store.


Upon request, we offer optional glass doors to replace standar doors – In addition, gadget display shelves can be added to attract customers’ attention, ensuring an eye-catching presentation of products within the vending machine.

Technical Characteristics

– Reinforced withdrawal compartment
– Console with independent opening
– 22″ HD Monitor
– Quad core industrial computer
– Self-diagnostic troubleshooting system
– Multi-control electronics as standard
– System for data management and statistics visualization
– Temperature control with recording
– Tray dispensing system


– Bank bill reader
– Banknote reader with yield
– Coin reader with tube changer
– Coin reader with multi-hopper renders
– GSM data management
– Credit card/debit card reader
– Graphic customization
– Loyalty card system and RFID reader

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