software a simple, modular and connected management

The Magex software presents itself as an evolved ecosystem, comprising three basic components: the user interface software, responsible for operating the vending machine; the electronic software, which communicates synergistically with all the internal systems of the machine; finally, the web software, which interconnects the former user interface and electronic software, facilitating smooth communication with systems, web applications and external servers. This arrangement ensures integrated and efficient management, optimizing the functionality of the Magex vending machine.

With a solid history of more than 15 years, Magex software continues to evolve through the integration of cutting-edge technologies, ensuring optimal performance and delivering a user experience that exceeds all expectations.


Products are conveniently selected from a screen, where customers can read product information and watch photos and videos. The user interface can be customized upon request.


Creating product galleries and matching them to machine lanes is super easy. Our management software is simple and intuitive to use.


Magex offers a complete system for real-time management of your vending machine through the online interface. Our solution allows you to monitor sales statistics, stock status, the amount of bills in the vending machine and the temperature of the refrigerator.