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Ice cream and frozen products


The robust thermal insulation and cooling system set the dispenser at the desired negative temperature. Suitable for all kinds of frozen products, such as ice cream, ready meals or packaged pizzas.


An internal elevator, equipped with a sliding belt, picks up products and slides them to the pickup compartment located below the monitor.
Magex vending machines are specially designed for delicate products of any shape, such as artisanal ice cream or parfaits.

10″ or 22″ touch screen

With a 10″ or 22″ touch screen, customers can view and choose products directly from the screen, with the ability to read the product description and ingredients. For each product, you also have the option of adding up to 4 photos and a video.

Technical Characteristics

– Reinforced withdrawal compartment
– Gas-fired athermic shatterproof glass
– Console with independent opening
– Steel-reinforced frame
– 10″ and 22″ HD monitors
– Dual core industrial computer
– Operating system installed in solid disk
32 Gb
– Insulated showcase door
– LED lighting
– Configuration of shelves that can be modulated in height,
depth and number of selections
– Armored console locks
– Self-diagnostic troubleshooting system
– Multi-control electronics as standard
– System for data management
and statistics display
– Elevator for product pickup and delivery
– Temperature control with recording
– Carter cover feet


– Bank bill reader
– Banknote reader with yield
– Coin reader with tube changer
– Coin reader with smart hopper renders
– Entering items via code-bare
– Graphic customization
– RFID fidelity card system
– Printer
– Outdoor cover
– Credit card/debit card reader
– Speaker kit

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