Wine Vending Machine

The Wine vending machine is the key to selling your wines even after closing time and enhancing your products.

Why buy a wine vending machine? The wine world seems so traditional: an automatic wine shop might seem to be in contradiction with it.

Nothing could be more wrong. Here’s why a vending machine can be very suitable for those in the wine business!


An automatic self service wine shop:
customers can find you when looking for a last-minute gift or organizing an improvised dinner when the shops are already closed.

A wine vending machine sells 24/7

You cannot always be present in your shop: during the closing shift or in the evening, people will not be able to enter your wine shop for i purchases.
This is somewhat obvious, but today online shopping has made us all more “spoiled” to have everything, immediately, at every time.
So why miss the chance to sell even when you are enjoying your well-deserved rest?

We’ve all been there: forgetting that dinner with friends and having to run for cover so as not to show up empty-handed by the hosts!
If your customers know that outside your wine shop they can find wines at any time at the vending machine, they will always have the right solution for this task.


A wine vending machine allows a quick purchase

Of course, there is no human contact, nor your fine explanation of the wild blackberry notes in the glass.
But, as we learned during this pandemic, human contact has both good and bad sides.

If on the one hand we all appreciate being guided in the purchase by those who are experts, sometimes it’s just not the right time.
Or we don’t feel like queuing at the checkout or being in a crowded shop, simply because we’ve had a stressful day.
Why miss out on customers who simply don’t have the time or desire to enter the shop, but would gladly treat themselves to a bottle of wine?

These people are ideal customers, they know what they want and are focused on buying. In 5 minutes they will have parked in front of the petrol station and will be left with their precious cargo.

Distributore automatico vino
Wine vending machines at Bari Airport

A wine vending machine enhances your products

With the wine vending machine outside your shop or located in strategic points of your city, you will get the double advantage to get more wine sales and enhance your products.

On one hand, you provide an additional service to your long-standing customers, who will appreciate it and become even more loyal to your wine shop.
On the other hand, you will win new curious customers who, after having experimented with the self-service purchase at the automated kiosk, will want to come to your wine shop for a tasting in person.

You can use the touchscreen on your automatic wine shop to show videos of your vineyards or images of the wine shop and your products. People will have the opportunity to have a hint of your world.

Nothing could be further from a cold and anonymous experience! People, accustomed to e-commerce experiences, will be able to choose the best product for them by being well informed.

Wine ideal solution


In Magex automatic shop, the wine is gently dispensed to the collection floor. Each model has a different delivery system, according to your needs. Learn about our patented system.


One of Magex’s strengths is modularity: if more room is needed, you can extend the space of your main machine (“Master”) by combining “Satellite” modules.


Distributors can be refrigerated. Use a satellite module to have different temperatures in the Master and Satellite machines  (i.e. white wines and red wines).

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To summarize, a wine vending machine, far from being an anonymous experience, is instead an excellent solution to sell even after closing time, to intercept customers who do not have time to enter your wine shop and to further enhance your wines.