Venditalia 2022

All the news related to Venditalia 2022 Edition!

14th May 2022

Presenting the Automated Wineshop!

12th May 2022

Interview with an old time customer!

English subtitles available


11th May 2022

Celebrating the new Boxmax Master! The locker by Magex is now a stand-alone machine.

11th April 2022

Venditalia is finally back!

The Vending Exhibition hasn’t been hosted for 4 years (2020 edition was skipped due to the pandemic).
Magex will be there with a large stand and 16 products (vending machines, satellite modules and accessories).

Let’s meet.

We are longing to go back to talking in person with our customers and collaborators: Venditalia is the opportunity we were waiting for.

We will present some highly expected news!

Launch: Boxmax Master

The Magex locker is about to come out as MASTER. Boxmax was just a satellite up to now, depending on a main vending machine.
The new Boxmax Master will be a stand-alone automated locker, equipped with its own touchscreen.

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