Venditalia 2022

All the news related to Venditalia 2022 Edition!

A great success for Magex Italy at Venditalia, one the most important vending business show in Europe. 

Venditalia was held between the 11th and 14th May 2022 at Fieramilanocity exhibition hall in Milan after a 4-year break, as the 2020 edition (the show is biennial) was canceled due to the pandemic.

The visitors have been 20.000 and the exhibitors 300: we can consider the numbers of this show really satisfying; in fact, they are back to pre-pandemic levels, even with a slightly smaller amount of visitors from abroad (due to still existing limitation in travelling). 
The first 10 countries in terms of presence were France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Polland, Romania, Austria, Bulgary and United Kingdom.
Field studies (Confida/Ipsos) reveal how the consumption in 2021 grew by more than 10% and the turnover by more than 12% compared to 2020, while the most striking trend is the digitalization. One in five vending machine offers an app payment system and many of them are turning to be fully digital and cashless.

Magex Italia

Magex Italia was present with a 120 sqm stand and 15 among vending machines and complements (satellite modules, microwave column…). The strategic positioning and the well-studied layout (some of the machines were always visible walking around the stand) helped increasing visibility.

Magex stand was crowded all the time with visitors asking to be shown the machines in function and willing to provide their contact details for possible future cooperation.

Boxmax celebration

The first day, a special event was created for the special guest of the whole Magex show, the Boxmax Master.  
The locker by Magex, for the first time presented as a stand-alone machine, was celebrated with ribbon-cutting and a large bottle of wine (all witnessed by a video available on Youtube). 
The Boxmax master drove a lot of curiosity among visitors on the following days as well, revealing how the vending business is looking for new solutions and ideas.


Many companies had agreed to cooperate with Magex before the show, supplying goods to be displayed in the machines. Some of them produce world-famous products, like San Benedetto soft drinks, Ferrero snacks, Redbull energetics drinks and so on. 
A special place was held by Pro-Action with its proteic-bars and healty products, to make a “Gym vending machine”.

Another positive collaboration was held among Maegx and Beretta Piatti Freschi, a very popular Italian GDO company, that produces pre-packed hams and ready-meals. Not only they provided products for Magex stand, but they also displayed two Magex machines in their stand. 


Venditalia has been a satisfying experience both as a show and as a Magex opportunity. This results will encourage Magex Italy to keep improving and grow on the vending field which is rapidly evolving.


14th May 2022

Presenting the Automated Wineshop!

12th May 2022

Interview with an old time customer!

English subtitles available


11th May 2022

Celebrating the new Boxmax Master! The locker by Magex is now a stand-alone machine.

11th April 2022

Venditalia is finally back!

The Vending Exhibition hasn’t been hosted for 4 years (2020 edition was skipped due to the pandemic).
Magex will be there with a large stand and 16 products (vending machines, satellite modules and accessories).

Let’s meet.

We are longing to go back to talking in person with our customers and collaborators: Venditalia is the opportunity we were waiting for.

We will present some highly expected news!

Launch: Boxmax Master

The Magex locker is about to come out as MASTER. Boxmax was just a satellite up to now, depending on a main vending machine.
The new Boxmax Master will be a stand-alone automated locker, equipped with its own touchscreen.

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