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Next-Generation Vending: Magex automated kiosks are ideal for any kind of product, thanks to the spiral-free patented system.

Automated Retail: Next-generation vending

Magex, the future of vending is here.


Magex vending machines boast unprecedented flexibility in managing very different items. Our Conveyer patented dispensing system fits any kind of product, also combining adjacent lanes to move larger products.

End-user can easily customize lanes setup to manage effectively item of any size and shape item to. Moreover, interlocking partitions keep items separate into the same lane.

Magex vending machines have been chosen by real today’s icons, such as Carlo’s the “Cake’s boss” and Kylie Jenner.



Highly customizable vending machines.

Our products are highly customizable. You can ask for refrigeration, loyalty card integration, age-control reader, and much more. The limit is your imagination!

Easy to load

Anybody can learn to manage a Magex vending machine. If you are a shop owner you’ll likely do it yourself; if you are planning to have multiple kiosks, your team will refill them once or a few times a day. It’s easier than managing a real shop!

Real-time data service

Magex provides a vending machine real-time management service, thanks to our web-based interface accessible from virtually any kind of device.

You can check real-time selling statistics, stock status, actual stock for every currency denomination.

You will be able to monitor the internal temperature and visualize it in a chart.