Touchscreen Interface

E-comerce-like User experience 

The integrated touchscreen on the machines makes buying an easy and wonderful experience.

Forget the keypads with numbers and the machine that throws your soda into the withdrawal compartment.

Magex vending machines are real shops.

Products are conveniently selected from a screen, where the customer can read product information, view photos and videos, create a product cart.

Just like an e-commerce!

Today, people are more and more used to the online shopping experience, and our software creates an interface that the user finds familiar and therefore easy to use. 


Some examples of what the interface can show:

  • the ingredients list of a food product
  • The detail of the components of a toy
  • a video of the use of a technological tool
  • a promotional video of a beauty product
  • the organoleptic description of a wine
  • photographs of an item of clothing from different angles

software cupcake


sofware food


Browsing among products is simplified by two filters: brand and category.

Payment methods: the customer will find all the payment methods that you have decided to enable. Credit card, cash, voucher, online payment systems.

The basic software includes all the features shown above and is already integrated into your machine at the time of installation.


There are tons of additional customizations that can be added to fully customize your auto shop!

You can add an age check, a graphic customization, a music to accompany the conclusion of the purchase, add filters, connect a webcam!

Check out our feature packs .