Italian technology

Magex automated shops are more than just vending machines. 

Find out how our software works and our exclusive patents.

User Experience

Every Magex automatic kiosk has a Quad-Core CPU 10” touchscreen panel, 1920×1080 full HD for an e-commerce-like user experience.

The screen provides a menu where the consumer can browse product descriptions, promotional images and videos.



Conveyer: the patented spiral-free dispensing system boasts unprecedented flexibility, fitting products of any shape. Sanification. Have you ever thought about it? Everyone will be touching the withdrawal area. Now you can choose a safer dispensing thanks to the our sanification system.

Real time data service

Magex provides a vending machine real-time management service, thanks to our web-based inter- face accessible from virtually any kind of device.

You can check real-time selling statistics, stock status, actual stock for every currency denomination. You will be able to monitor the internal temperature and visualize it in a chart.