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Idea 6

Idea 6 is a compact 6-lane automated kiosk with a 10″ touchscreen.
The gentle lift dispensing system delivers is ideal for delicate items.

Is room an issue? Idea 6 is the most compact kiosk in Magex!

Suitable for indoor use.

Alaska 6

Alaska 6, the frozen vending machine, keeps an internal steady negative temperature.

Suitable for any kind of frozen product, such as ice-creams, ready-meals, or prepacked pizzas.

The internal shuttle delivers delicate products like handcrafted icecreams.

Alaska 6 can be matched to a microwave column to heat the purchased products.

It has a 10″ touchscreen.

Bigstore 9

Bigstore 9 is a 9-lane smart automated kiosk with a Shuttle delivery system and a 22″ touchscreen.
A robotic arm moves the shuttle inside the window leaving more room for your products.

The self-service shopping experience will be very entertaining!

The 22” touchscreen panel, gives an e-commerce-like user experience. 
The screen provides a menu where the consumer can browse product descriptions, promotional images and videos.