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Easy 9

Easy 9 vending machine delivers the products at 90 cm from the ground: easy for everyone and inclusive!

Easy 9 is one of our best-seller vending machines: you will love this 9-lane vending machine with a 22″ touchscreen.

The gentle lift&belt dispensing system delivers more than one product together, keeping them upright.

Ideal for delicate items.

Alaska 6

Alaska 6, the frozen vending machine, keeps an internal steady negative temperature.

Suitable for any kind of frozen product, such as ice-creams, ready-meals, or prepacked pizzas.

The internal shuttle delivers delicate products like handcrafted icecreams.

Alaska 6 can be matched to a microwave column to heat the purchased products.

It has a 10″ touchscreen.

Bigstore 9

Bigstore 9 is a 9-lane smart automated kiosk with a Shuttle delivery system and a 22″ touchscreen.
A robotic arm moves the shuttle inside the window leaving more room for your products.

The self-service shopping experience will be very entertaining!

The 22” touchscreen panel, gives an e-commerce-like user experience. 
The screen provides a menu where the consumer can browse product descriptions, promotional images and videos.

Bigstore 14

Bigstore 14 vending machine is a big automated kiosk perfect for great brands.

Highly customizable, ideal for any kind of product.

The strategic positioning of your Bigstore 14 is an excellent approach to gaining brand prominence.

It has a 22″ monitor and a gentle shuttle to deliver the most delicate items.
A robotic arm moves the shuttle inside the window: the self-service shopping experience will be very entertaining!