Microwave Column

Microwave Column by Magex.
Vending machine with Microwaves: turn your vending machine into a self-service restaurant!

The Microwave Column accessorize is managed from the main vending machine computer console. It will set the proper cooking time for product purchased.

Frozen meals, ready to go

We suggest the Microwave Column combined with Alaska, the frozen vending machine. It is possible to match it with any of Magex vending machines

Time-saving and multiple purchases: while the oven heats up the meal, another customer can use the machine to make another purchase.

In the picture: Easy 9 with Microwave Column

Vending Machine with Microwaves: how does it work?

  1. The customer purchases a product
  2. The screen asks the customer if he/she wants to warm it up
  3. If the customer clicks on “yes”, the dedicated oven door opens.
  4. The customer inserts the product and closes the door.
  5. Cooking/heating takes place automatically for the time set by the machine
  6. The door opens and the customer collects the heated product
  7. The flap closes by itself after a few seconds.


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