Library 650

The trays vending machine

Thanks to the internal automated warehouse, with Library 650 vending machine, you can collect and return items.

Create your automated library!

Perfect for books, magazines, PPE, gadgets, technological or delicate items.

Perfetto per libri, DPI, gadget, prodotti tecnologici o delicati.

The 22” touchscreen panel, gives an e-commerce-like user experience. 
The screen provides a menu where the consumer can browse product descriptions, promotional images and videos.


  •  22” Monitor 
  • Payments system setup 
  • Up to 650 trays 
  • Hire & return 
  • Automatic opening 


  • Glass window
  • Sanification system 
  • Loyalty card & customer App integration 
  • Black color 
  • Temperature conditioning 


Automated shops for selling and renting 

This trays system vending machine, with up to 650 trays, allows collecting and returning items. 


Library is a robotic warehouse suitable for product sales and aso for renting. 

The tray dispensing system moves on three axes and works both ways: towards and from the withdrawal area. Items can be therefore picked and returned. 

This feature is best-used for books, hardware tools, or personal protective equipment but can be applied to any kind of product that can fit the tray measures: 300x250mm. 

The return system can be set with loyalty cards or qr code. If not set, the machine will work just like a regular automated shop.


An RFID reader embedded in our machines provides tag recognition as the operator loads the products. 

Tag matching can be done remotely; when loading, our robotic arm will bring items to the proper positions automatically. 

An intelligent control system identifies the product’s thickness to optimize the room inside the warehouse. 


Glass windows can replace the standard doors if requested. 

Product on trays may not be plainly visible, but display shelves can be added to showcase the products or gadgets.