Idea 6

idea 6 vending machine

When all you need is an… Idea!

Idea 6 is a compact 6-lane automated kiosk with a 10″ touchscreen.
The gentle lift dispensing system delivers is ideal for delicate items.

Is room an issue? Idea 6 is the most compact kiosk in Magex!

Suitable for indoor use.


The 10” touchscreen panel, gives an e-commerce-like user experience. 
The screen provides a menu where the consumer can browse product descriptions, promotional images and videos.


  • 10” Monitor
  • Payments system setup
  • 6 lanes modular shelves
  • Break-proof glass
  • Internal LED lighting


  • Sanification system
  • Loyalty card & customer App integration
  • Temperature control

Idea 9: the smart 9-lane automated vending machine

  • Next-generation vending
  • Compact automated kiosks with gentle dispensing (Magex patent)
  • Ideal for fragile products


Our internal lift system gently delivers any kind of items in the withdrawal area under the window, avoiding capsize or fall during the delivery process.

Magex vending machines are engineered for delicate, fragile products of any shape such as hi-tech items, cupcakes, eggs cases or glass bottles.

patented by Magex


Magex vending machines boast unprecedented flexibility in managing very different items.
Conveyer patented dispensing system fits any kind of product, also combining adjacent lanes to move larger products.
End-user can easily customize lanes setup to manage effectively any size and shape item to sell. Moreover, interlocking partitions keep items separate into the same lane.
Our advanced multi-function self-diagnostic tool performs a continuous system health check, starting from lanes operation status before each delivery up to a full system reboot if needed.