Easy 9

  • Next-generation vending
  • Self service kiosks with automatic easy dispensing
  • Sliding panel

Easy vending,
easy picking!

9 lanes
Up to 8 floors
90 cm high withdrawal area
Gentle lift dispensing system
22” touchscreen panel

Magex Vending Machine
Easy 9

Self service kiosks with automatic easy dispensing

Easy vending machine is Magex best seller. 


Its wide dispensing area is set at a comfortable height of 90 cm from the ground, preventing the consumer to bend down.

It’s a very inclusive vending machine: this high-service area is particularly useful to people with mobility issues and the elderly population.  

Furthermore, the central window opens and closes automatically


sliding vandal-proof panel shuts the floor behind itself while the window opens to deliver the product. 

A sliding panel can be also placed to hide a specific floor with products to be sold only with proof of age. 


Our internal lift system gently delivers any kind of items in the withdrawal area under the window, avoiding capsize or fall during the delivery process. 

Magex vending machines are engineered for delicate, fragile products of any shape such as hi-tech items, cupcakes, eggs cases or glass bottles. 

If the shopping cart includes more items, they will be delivered together (as long as they were on different lanes). The lift stops at all the needed floors before reaching the withdrawal area.


Magex vending machines boast unprecedented flexibility in managing very different items.
Our Conveyer patented dispensing system fits any kind of product, also combining adjacent lanes to move larger products.
End-user can easily customize lanes setup to manage effectively any size and shape item to sell. Moreover, interlocking partitions keep items separate into the same lane.
Our advanced multi-function self-diagnostic tool performs a continuous system health check, starting from lanes operation status before each delivery up to a full system reboot if needed.


Easy vending machines are highly modular, as they can be paired up to three Satellite modules. A whole room can be turned into an automatic shop thanks to a combination of master vending machines and satellites.


  • Web-based interface with data management and statistics system
  • 22” Monitor with Quad-Core Android system and 32 GB SSD
  • Modular shelves with customizable height, depth and number of selections
  • LED internal lighting break-proof glass Self diagnostic system


  • All payment systems integration (cash, credit card, NFC…)
  • Loyalty card & customer App integration
  • Internal cooling unit 
  • Temperature control 
  • Thermal insulation
  • Refilling rear doors
  • Webcam kit
  • Age verification
  • Black color


Magex provides a vending machine real-time management service, thanks to our web-based interface accessible from virtually any kind of device.

You can check real-time selling statistics, stock status, actual stock for every currency denomination.

You will be able to monitor the internal temperature and visualize it in a chart.

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