Conveyer: our spiral-free dispensing system.

Our patent to supply any type of product.

patented by Magex

One card. A bar of chocolate. A bottle of wine. A keyboard. A bag of food: Conveyer is suitable to dispense products of the most diverse sizes.




Magex vending machines boast unprecedented flexibility in managing very different items.
Our Conveyer patented dispensing system fits any kind of product, also combining adjacent lanes to move larger products.
End-user can easily customize lanes setup to manage effectively any size and shape item to sell. Moreover, interlocking partitions keep items separate into the same lane.
Our advanced multi-function self-diagnostic tool performs a continuous system health check, starting from lanes operation status before each delivery up to a full system reboot if needed.


Anybody can learn to manage a Magex vending machine. If you are a shop owner you’ll likely do it yourself; if you are planning to have multiple kiosks, your team will refill them once or a few times a day. It’s easier than managing a real shop!