Boxmax: the locker by Magex.
16 cabinets suitable for selling or renting even large items.
Click and Collect vending machine: suitable for picking items purchased in your e-commerce.

Boxmax: the locker by Magex

Boxmax is the locker you can add to your Magex vending machine to extend its functionalities.
It is managed by the main machine console.

It’s the perfect solution to large item sales.

Click and collect vending machine

Boxmax is suitable for collecting previously purchased items. The user buys or books the product on your website and collect it using a code, which will open the proper door.

Renting Vending Machine

Boxmax can also be set for renting. The user will return the item previously collected in the using a code.

Boxmax is the accessory that allows you to combine your automatic shop with a versatile space suitable for sale and rental.

It is managed from the console of the main machine and allows you to open the door dedicated to the individual customer.


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