Bigstore 14

Colosseo 14 vending machine

For those who think big

Bigstore 14 vending machine is a big automated kiosk perfect for great brands.

Highly customizable, ideal for any kind of product.

The strategic positioning of your Bigstore 14 is an excellent approach to gaining brand prominence.

It has a 22″ monitor and a gentle shuttle to deliver the most delicate items.
A robotic arm moves the shuttle inside the window: the self-service shopping experience will be very entertaining!

The 22” touchscreen panel, gives an e-commerce-like user experience. 
The screen provides a menu where the consumer can browse product descriptions, promotional images and videos.

More than just a vending machine: the big automated kiosk perfect for great brands


Our internal shuttle gently delivers any kind of items in the drawer placed to the right of the window, thus leaving more room for your products.
A robotic arm moves the shuttle to the needed positions to collect every single item, providing an entertaining shopping experience.

Side photosensors recognize which product has been moved. A small conveyor belt inside the shuttle will move the item while keeping it in its original position. 

Magex vending machines are engineered for delicate, fragile products of any shape such as hi-tech items, cupcakes, eggs cases or glass bottles.

patented by Magex


Magex vending machines boast unprecedented flexibility in managing very different items.
Our Conveyer patented dispensing system fits any kind of product, also combining adjacent lanes to move larger products.
End-user can easily customize lanes setup to manage effectively any size and shape item to sell. Moreover, interlocking partitions keep items separate into the same lane.
Our advanced multi-function self-diagnostic tool performs a continuous system health check, starting from lanes operation status before each delivery up to a full system reboot if needed.


  • 22″ Monitor
  • Payments system setup
  • 14 lanes modular shelves
  • Up to 8 floors
  • Break-proof glass
  • Internal LED lighting
  • Automatic opening


  • Sanification system
  • Loyalty card & customer App integration
  • Temperature control
  •  Black color 
  •  Rear door 
  • Webcam kit

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