Automated kitchen free Restaurant!

An automated restaurant, without a kitchen. It’s possible? Magex has the right solution, presented at Tuttofood Fiera Rho Milano, October 2021.

Choose, buy, heat

Create your Kitchen free automated restaurant with Magex automatic shops!

Magex products are much more than simple vending machines: they are real automated shops.

Thanks to the integrated 10 “or 22” monitor, the shopping experience is similar to that of an e-commerce. The customer can browse the products on sale, look at photos and consult the list of ingredients of a food.

To get our Automatic Restaurant, we combine the Magex machines with a microwave column.

Love To Italy

Kitchen free… and refrigeration free!

Pronti Via! Love To Italy, an Italian food export company, is promoting its ready-to-go lunch boxes, with the exceptional novelty that they can be stored at room temperature, with significant energy savings.

This result was achieved thanks to an innovative process. The research and careful analysis of the thermal dynamics have made it possible to combine in a single thermal process, called “stabilization”, both the pasteurization phase (intended as the reduction of the bacterial load), and the drying phase (reduction of the activity water).

The cooling process was also included in order to have a single implant, and that allows them to reach residual bacterial load values on the product unthinkable with traditional technologies.

 In other words, thanks to the stabilization process, the products retain their physical, chemical and taste properties unaltered for a considerably longer period of time, totally excluding the use of preservatives or additives

How the Magex automatic restaurant works

  1. The customer buys a “Ready to Go” plate from the Magex automatic shop
  2. The screen asks the customer if he wants to warm it up
  3. If the customer clicks on “yes”, the dedicated oven door opens
  4. The customer inserts the product and closes the flap
  5. Heating takes place automatically for the set time
  6. The door opens and the customer collects the hot product
  7. The flap closes by itself after a few seconds
  8. While the oven heats up, a second customer can make another purchase!