Magex is a leading company in Automated Retail. 
Magex designs innovative high-tech vending machines challenging the very concept of “vending”.

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Italian technology for Automated Retail

Next-generation vending: Magex strength is the technological innovation for automated retail.

Innovation since 1998.

Mauro Maule, CEO & Founder of Magex in 1998, invented and patented the Conveyer dispensing system: vending without spirals, able to fit the most diverse products: a card, a delicate cupcake or a computer keyboard.

Mauro Maule Ceo & Founder

Every vending machine has monitor, for an e-commerce like user exprerience.
Our lines are modular: they can be combined for the solution that best suits the space and needs of its customers.

Magex team


Magex: Value your TIME

Your automated shop works for you day and night. 

Magex: Value your BRAND

Spread your presence in airports, streets, shopping malls!

Magex: Value your PRODUCT

Inform and entertain your customers during the touchscreen shopping experience.

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Magex is a company subject to management and coordination by HANGZHOU ZHONGYA MACHINERY CO., LTD.


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