Magex is a leading company in the Automated Retail sector.

Magex specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative machines that are much more than just vending machines.

Italian technology for Automated Retail

Magex focuses on technological innovation for automated retail.

The software allows a very high customization of the functions. 

Our lines are modular : they can be combined for the solution that best suits the space and needs of its customers.


Mauro Maule Ceo & Founder

The Conveyer dispensing system, without spirals , patented by Mauro Maule, CEO & Founder of Magex, allows the dispensing of the most diverse products: a card, a delicate cupcake, a computer keyboard.

Magex: Value your TIME

Your automated shop works for you day and night. 

Magex: Value your BRAND

Spread your presence in airports, streets, shopping malls!

Magex: Value your PRODUCT

Inform and entertain your customers during the touchscreen shopping experience.



Magex in the world


Magex is a company subject to management and coordination by HANGZHOU ZHONGYA MACHINERY CO., LTD.


USA and Canada

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